What to Drink in Nha Trang – Best 5 Nha Trang Food Favorites


1.Sip Sip hurray

Louisiane Brewhouse Nha Trang - hướng dẫn Việt Nam

  • Address: Louisane Brewhouse – Lô 29 Trần Phú, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang

Sipping craft beer with your feet in the white sand of one of the most amazing tropical beaches of the world? Oh yes! Then you’ve come to the right place. In this beachfront brewery with great tasting beers you can enjoy a full beach day in their serviced sunbeds or pass the time by the pool inside their open air restaurant with sun protecting shelters all around.

The selection of beers changes from time to time but they expressly aim to serve flavours that are unique. They only use 100 % natural and local ingredients following the brewing techniques of famous beer producing countries around the world, so you can be sure to try real Vietnamese craft beer with a traditional twist.

The thing we like the most about this place is its amazing location to watch the sunset. Get there with time if you want to choose the best location. Lastly, if you feel like extending the day into the late hours, they also have live events on most nights.

2.Party time!

Sailing club Nha Trang - Bar bãi biển hấp dẫn bậc nhất - Vntrip.vn

  • Address: Sailing Club – 72-74 Trần Phú, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang

Welcome to the trendiest place in Nha Trang. This is the place where the night sails away and you can dance your heart out among the most fashionable people. They have a cover charge to access from 5:30 pm onwards but they always have live events, DJs, and fire and dancing shows. It is situated on the beachfront and you have both a dancing floor right on the beach and tables and chairs around the multiple bars inside.

Prices are above average but so is the entertainment they have on offer. You simply won’t find a better place to enjoy yourself with a few drinks.

However, if you feel like chilling out, you can visit it during the day, relax in their big group beds and try their surprising menu with a variety of

Vietnamese, Western and Asian dishes. We highly recommend trying the cocktails!

3.Drinks with a 360º view

Bùng cháy tại Skylight – skybar cao nhất và chất nhất Nha Trang

  • Address: Skylight Rooftop Beach Bar (Havana Hotel) – 38 Trần Phú, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang

After a full day at the beach it feels like finishing the day with a nice and well-prepared drink. What a better place to do so than the highest bar in town, where you can admire the beautiful 360º views of the shoreline and surrounding city while getting premier quality customer service. We guarantee that you won’t forget what you see from the top of the Havana Hotel standing right next to the beach. There is so much to see but words cannot describe it, it is simply a must-see attraction that will be complemented with drinks and food served at very high standards.

It is a chill out bar during the day and a club with DJs during the night. It is famous for its cocktails, its vibes and its music… Be prepared for dancing with loud music in full Vietnamese style!


4. A walk on the wild side

24 Trần Quang Khải Tp. Nha Trang Khánh Hoà

  • Address: Why Not – 24 Trần Quang Khải, Nha Trang

Looking for a late night out with lots of local fun? Then do not skip a visit to the aptly named why not. Every time you ask yourself whether you should have another one before going home, you will have the answer written in front of you. You can be sure to enjoy a lively, cheap and laid back atmosphere full of eventful situations. The party starts going around midnight when most of other places are about to close, so get there early to keep the party going with a famous ‘why not bucket’ and wait for the crowds to arrive.

Absolutely everyone in Nha Trang ends here when they feel like one more drink. Why Not!

They have 2 for 1 on cocktails, happy hour from 4 pm to 1 am, and free shots here and there if you sport a big smile. This is surely one of the best places to party hard while in town and one of the hardest to leave!

5.Eat as the locals eat

  • Address: Street food (seafood and local dishes)

Every time you are at a coastal paradise, you should not forget that the best food you’ll find will come from the sea. Nha Trang is not an exception in this sense, and as Vietnam is famous for its street food, the freshest fish and seafood you’ll find will be in the streets.

Whether you like your seafood boiled, stir-fried, steamed, grilled, mixed with spices, or cooked in any other imaginable way, you can just go to the streets and look for it. The main ingredients are snails, shrimps, squid, crab, mackerel, sailfish and many more types of fish. There are not only restaurants, but night markets, eateries and local vendors standing in every corner. The best way to spot the right place is to look for a bunch of locals licking their fingers at the table. Start by looking on the streets farther away from the beach strip.

Some of the delicacies we absolutely love are snails in tamarind sauce, steamed squids, and fish grilled with chili and salt. For a more adventurous option you can try the rice vermicelli with jellyfish, a total must for a flavoursome meal out!

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