About Hotel-Dynasty

Hotel-Dynasty is a group who live, breathe and love Hoi An, and our passion is to share this fascinating town with you.

Things change so quickly here, having a group of people who live their daily lives in Hoi An Ancient Town is our undeniable advantage.  Our on-the-ground team keeps things current for you, with regularly updated reviews, tips, and stories from Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hidden is a diverse team of people dedicated to being your inside guys on the ground in Hoi An.

We are families, singles, retirees, –  we’ve got you covered.

Living here for well over 15 years we have seen the town grow and prosper. We know the hidden sites, the well-loved local places, and the new ones too – we’re nosey so we like to check them out.

Our group’s diversity gives us the combined knowledge to cater to any demographic visiting Hoi An, bringing it all together for you in a concise, real-feel review.

Hidden saves you valuable holiday time – we’ve enjoyed the best and endured the worst (so you don’t have to!)

Many just passing through our town have an opinion – Hidden’s writing is different.

We live here and have the knowledge to bring you the most comprehensive guide for your visit to Hoi An.  Advising a constant stream of friends and visitors of our own from around the globe, the Hidden team figured it was time to spread our insider knowledge further.

Do get in touch with us if there is anything you need to know about Hoi An.

The Hotel-Dynasty Team