What to Drink in Hoi An – Best 3 Hoi An Food Favorites


1. Coffee with a View

Faifo Coffee in Hoi AN in 2020 | Best coffee shop, Master tour, Hoi an

  • Address: Faifo coffee – 130 Tran Phu Street; MAP/ FB

Hoi An has so many lovely coffee shops, and Faifo coffee is one of the best. It stands out due to the beautiful views on offer here.

Faifo Coffee is a 2 storey traditional house. Though the coffee shop has a simple style, it has a tranquil atmosphere that makes you fall in love with the place.

For those who like to take photos, Faifo Coffee is the ideal place for you to take good selfies and photos of Hoi An’s ancient buildings. Every corner of the shop offers impressive angles for your photos: from the front, the beautiful small staircases, the wooden furniture, and especially the terrace.

You can sip a cup of coffee while looking at the stunning landscape. The ideal time to do so is at sunset.

2. Tea Treats

cocobana-hoi-an | Cmego Travel Guide

  • Address: Cocobaba – 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street;

Cocobana is one of the new bright spots on the restaurant map of Hoi An. Full of traditional rustic items such as bamboo ladders or conical hats; combined with a colorful interior design, this shop is full of surprises in every corner.

The coffee shop has its own unique characteristics to attract both Vietnamese and foreigners. You can taste many kinds of Vietnamese tea such as lotus leaf tea, lime tea, mango tea, lemon tea, or iced tea with jam. All the tea cups are made in Bat Trang and Yen Lam potteries in Vietnam.

You can drink tea and enjoy the cool space of the garden, listening to the rustling of the leaves and watching the craftsmen work with bamboo. A peaceful feeling is sure to be found here.

3. Coffee & Cakes

Cargo Club Cafe & Restaurant - Hoi An | Taste Vietnam

  • Address: The Cargo Club – 107D Nguyen Thai Hoc Street; MAP

Although it has not been open long, Cargo Club is extremely popular, as it is the best place to fix your dessert craving.

It is located opposite the Hoai River and is full of delicious dessert cakes.

Cargo Club is spacious and modern but still retains the traditional features of Hoi An. Wearing white tones and decorated in an elegant and minimalist style, Cargo Club gives its customers a light and airy feeling.

You can sample the desserts and drinks while observing the passersby on the streets. Especially enjoyable in the evening, this will be a lasting memory of Hoi An.


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