“Hoi An Memories” is an arts performance which uses Vietnamese traditional clothing as its main language. The show uses a modern stage, advanced light technology and sound effects to tell the story of Hoi An starting more than four centuries ago.

Memories Forever

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  • Address: Hoi An Impression Theme Park – 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Cam Chau;


The show uses more than 500 actors and actresses and an outdoor stage with a capacity of 3,300.

The show includes 5 impressive performances

Hoi An Impression Theme Park: A Famous Park In Vietnam

  1. Performance 1: Life – Hoi An’s memories of the early land reclamation A picture of the daily activities of Hoi An people in the past.
  2. Performance 2: Wedding – Hoi An Memories during Champa period Through this performance, the visitors will understand more about the economy, political regime and cultural customs of Hoi An during the Champa period of 9th -10th century.
  3. Performance 3: Boats and Sea – Hoi An Memories of transition period The main message of this performance is the development of Hoi An to become a crowded commercial port in the 16th-17th century, told through the story a girl waiting for a sailor who was always away from home due to business. The performance combines sound, light, poetry, music, and dancing to create an emotive picture of a changing place.
  4. Performance 4: Ben Bo – Hoi An Memories of multilateral cultural interference period This will bring to you the atmosphere of the busiest international port in the ASEAN region during 16th – 19th century.
  5. Performance 5: Ao dai – the combination of ancient “Hoi An Memories” with modern breath
  6. The show ends with a picture of the traditional ‘Ao dai’ dress passing through Hoi An’s ancient architecture. Girls ride bicycles along light roads, through every corner of the ancient town, eventually bringing the audience to modern day life in Hoi An, a place that is both active and gentle. The show will start from 5 p.m. every day (except for Tuesday)

Price for foreigners as below:

Hoi An Impression Theme Park & Memories Show

  • Eco seat: 600,000 VND
  • Hi-class seat: 700,000 VND
  • VIP seat: 900,000 VND

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