12 Best Things to Do in Nha Trang – Vietnam Travel Guide


1.Hiking with a price at the end

Vietnam's Ba Ho Waterfalls are worth every drop of sweat to get to - Matador Network

  • Address: Ba Ho Waterfall – Ninh ích, Ninh Hòa, Khanh Hoa

To remain in contact with nature while visiting a new place is very important to see the beauty of its countryside. In the Nha Trang area there is no better cityscape than the waterfalls 25 km away from town. The best way to experience them is to rent a motorbike and go on your own along the coast with plenty of fishing villages and magnificent cliffs. Just keep an eye for the blue sign on the highway. However, you can also opt for a taxi or a local bus to take you there.

Once you arrive, you will see a trail with some challenging passes and a few rocks to climb (don’t worry, there will be rope ladders to help you). Actually, there are three levels on this waterfall, each with increasing difficulty, but if you make it to the top, the views from there will be worth the effort. Also, there are little pools where you can refresh yourself while climbing. We recommend you take both trainers and flip flops for the climb, as there are some slippery parts. Overall a great experience for a day out if you feel like doing something different from the usual beaten path.

2.Mud detox

100!Egg Mud Bath in Nha Trang - Attraction in Nha Trang, Vietnam - Justgola

  • Address: 100 Eggs Mud Bath Spa – Phước Đồng, Nha Trang

If you have ever tried a mud bath, get ready for having that experience complemented with eggs! Even if they just serve as the shaped containers you will take your bath in, it is an interesting adventure to try something different. This is a nature friendly spot with lots of eggs lying about on the side of a mountain that will make it a very special sight. If only for the chance to walk about covered in mud from one step to the next it is a great opportunity to have lots of fun while giving your body a respite from all the activities and effort a holiday requires.

The benefits of mud baths are numerous: relieve muscle and joint aches, relaxation like you’ve never felt, detoxify your body, soften skin, improve circulation, balance pH Levels, etc. This is so because the natural mud is mixed with minerals and both organic and inorganic substances coming from trees, flowers, and grass. People from all over the world come to this place to see their ancient mud bath techniques and take them back home. Do yourself a favour and get as dirty as you can!


3.Go local!

Eco Park Yang Bay in Vietnam. How to Get There and What to See

  • Address: Yang Bay Eco Park – 48 Lam Sơn, Phước Hoà, Nha Trang

Almost an hour away from the city centre you will find this amazing ecopark with a wide array of options for fun and learning. The complex is formed by a waterfall, a hot spring, a mud bath, a zoo, and separate sections for bird gardens, ostrich riding, pig racing, and even a crocodile feeding area! The animals are all well taken care of and there is plenty space for them to roam around.

All in all, this can be a great option for the perfect day to distress yourself with a variety of activities. For the hot days there is also a water park with some funny attractions and plenty of water to freshen yourself.


4.A living 7th century temple

  • Address: Po Nagar Cham Towers – 2 Tháng 4, Vĩnh Phước, Nha Trang

These living temples where built between the 7th and 12th century and they are still used nowadays for the same religious purposes. The Cham people are an ethnic group who moved into what is now Nha Trang and constructed these towers to honour Po Nagar, the goddess of the Dua clan and ruler of the southern part of the Cham kingdom. The area is well preserved and although it is outside the city itself, it provides a nice view once atop the hillock in which the towers are erected. You will have to go up a few steps after passing by the pillars in the meditation hall, some of which still stand today.

Our tip is to either visit during the weekends so you can see the dancers and musicians who come along to carry out the religious services, or during the

New Year celebrations, when many people gather to pray for the incoming year.

5.A very famous pagoda

The 10 Best Long Son Pagoda (Chua Long Son) Tours & Tickets 2020 - Nha Trang | Viator

Address: Long Son Pagoda – 22 đường 23 tháng 10, Nha Trang MAP

This pagoda is one of the most famous in Vietnam because some of the highest ranked Buddhist monks studied here at the Buddhist Studies

Foundation that sits in its sacred grounds. The pagoda was completely rebuilt after a cyclone destroyed it in 1900, but it was reconstructed to replicate exactly the ancient one.

This pagoda is also famous because some of the monks who protested against the French invasion by burning themselves left from here. Nowadays, their names are engraved around the Buddha statute in rounded memorial plates.

Get to the top of the hill to pay your respects to these Buddhist fighters who gave their lives for what they believed in.


6.Try something adventurous

  • Address: Snorkelling & Diving

The waters of Nha Trang are the perfect place to either start on your path to learning how to dive or to continue admiring the world below if you are a more experienced diver. For the less acquainted with this sport, the quiet and clear waters of the coast of Nha Trang make it an ideal spot because you will get to see some amazing underwater life without risking an encounter with any large predator. The best time of the year to come try is between April and

September, when the waters have clear visibility and the temperature averages 28 degrees.

The most famous places due to the transparent and calm waters are not opposite the actual city, but at about 50 km off the coast by boat. Some of these islands are Hot Mun, Hon Noc, and Hon Ong. However, if you just want to see from the top, you can opt for a snorkelling session with just your goggles on.

7.Surf and fly

  • Address: Kitesurf

The newest addition to the sports scene, kitesurf is a sport that you absolutely have to try if you have the intrepid blood on your veins. Besides, the area is world renowned for its winds, with the neighbouring Mui Ne even hosting the Kite Tour Asia Competition in 2011. While the winds in Nha Trang are not as strong, it is still a great place to practice your beginner skills thanks to the gentle waves of the sea.

The majority of kiters go to Bai Dai Beach, 23 km south of the city, for the best winds and kiting spots. You will find different kiting schools that will rent you the equipment of give you lessons if you need some updating. The best time of the year is between November and March, although the season peaks between December and February.


8.Variety is king

  • Address: Dam Market – Vạn Thạnh, Nha Trang

The absolute must-do when in Nha Trang. This market can truly be a bit overwhelming due to its gigantic size (3 floors of stalls spread along an enormous building) but it will give you an idea of what the locals eat and wear. In here you will find pretty much everything there is, from fresh food, to dry food, clothes, gifts and even electronics. The best time to go to avoid the tourists is early in the morning, because people on holidays don’t normally get up early, especially in a party town like Nha Trang. Besides, if you show up early you will not only see the Vietnamese busy with their daily shopping but you will also avoid the midday sun. Don’t forget to bring along your haggling skills and happy buying!

9.Get smart

  • Address: Tailor – clothing

Vietnam is undoubtedly famous for its tailors and handmade crafts, and while there are many other places where you could have your own clothes made, nothing can beat the incredibly low prices you will find here. We are also aware that when people recommend getting a suit or a fancy dress done, they always point at the famous tailors in Hoi An. However, if you decide to get it done here, you will find slightly cheaper prices because not so many people do it there and more patient tailors, as they won’t have so many clients to deal with. We recommend to first find your own fabric in any of the local markets, and then visit the tailor of your preference to custom stitch your clothes, or to replicate any (we really mean any) design that you have seen in a catalogue or online. They will have it ready in as little as 24h!!


10.A breathtaking escapade

  • Address: Doc Lech Beach – Tỉnh Lộ 652B, Ninh Hải, Ninh Hòa

If you want a change from the busy beaches of Nha Trang you should come to this almost secluded beach in the middle of the jungle. This 10km strip of pristine beach is located 50km away from the beautiful town of Nha Trang and it is famous for its ivory sands, its transparent waters and its lush vegetation. Here you will also be able to fish with the local fishermen and prove your abilities at catching seafood. Whatever you net will be your diner afterwards, so make sure you do your best if you don’t want to go to bed hungry!

11.A paradise in the jungle

  • Address: Whale Island – Hon Ong, Vạn Thạnh

This small island will make you feel like you are alone in the wild. Yes it’s true that you will still have the comfort of your own bungalow right next to the beach, but the deserted beach and the jungle behind you will give you the impression of being the only survivor of a shipwreck. Make your own castaway movie by sipping margaritas and basking in the sun while playing board games or trying some of the water sports on offer.

There is only one resort and the rest of the island has been kept wild and peaceful. When you look out the window you will only see green coconut trees on one side and blue waters on the other. There is no better way to reconnect with nature and go for a spiritual retreat.


11.History can be entertaining

  • Address: Galina Show – 62 Thái Nguyên, Phước Tân, Nha Trang

Vietnam is a country with more than a thousand years of history and as such they have gone through various and very different periods in their existence as a nation. There are many ways to learn about it, but we think the best is to sit in a theatre and let professional performers explain it to you through dancing, both traditional and contemporary.

In this show you will acquaintance yourself with the struggles the people of Vietnam had to endure in order to obtain their independence and will understand better the kind and tenacious nature of their character. And all of that without moving from the comfort of your chair.

12.An ancient tradition kept alive

  • Address: Water puppet show – 6 Đường Trần Phú, P. Vĩnh Nguyên, Nha Trang

This is an absolutely unique cultural feature of Vietnam that dates back to the 11th century, when the farmers along the Red River Delta performed with handmade puppets on the flooded rice fields. The tradition has been well kept alive and it even served as entertainment for the king’s longevity ceremony.

Nowadays, the show lets you glance at the daily life of farmers, their traditional dances, and some of the most important mythical legends of Vietnam. It is performed in a waist-deep pool with a live music band and it is an absolute must for those interested in the folk tales and local beliefs of the country.

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